Visitor Alert: Arboretum closed until Thursday, Sept. 23

Due to ongoing extreme fire danger in California, the U.S. Forest Service closed all of the state’s national forests in late August. Most of those forests will reopen this week. But those in Southern California, including San Bernardino National Forest, will remain closed until Thursday, Sept. 23. Please check back here for confirmation of the Arboretum’s scheduled reopening next week.

Hours & Calendar

Because of the wildlife in and around the Arboretum, it's potentially unsafe to visit the site and especially to hike the Sequoia Trail after dark. During daylight hours, that's not an issue. (Please see temporary-closure notice above.)

With schools back in session, the booth is now open on weekends only--from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. We accept cash and cards, but please note that the minimum credit or debit purchase is $10. (See temporary-closure notice above.)
Events Calendar

Adventure Passes

An Adventure Pass or other valid pass (such as America the Beautiful) is required to park in the Arboretum’s lot–whether or not the Information Booth is open. As always, entrance to the Arboretum itself is free. 

Getting Here

We're in the San Bernardino National Forest between Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs. The main routes leading to Heaps Peak Arboretum are Highways 18 and 330. (Caltrans Highway info: 800.427.7623.)

29358 Rim of the World Hwy. 18
Skyforest, CA 92385
Directions & Parking

Fall Native Plant Sale: Postponed

The Fall Native Plant Sale, slated for Saturday, Sept. 4, has been canceled. On Monday, Aug. 30, the U.S. Forest Service announced that all California national forests would be closed through Tuesday, Sept. 17, at least. Please check back here for updates on that official closure and possible rescheduling of our fall native plant sale to Saturday, Oct. 16.

Explore the Forest

This family- and dog-friendly trail is nearly one mile long. Descending and then rising gently, it’s an easy hike with numbered signposts along the way. An information-rich trail guide, keyed to those numeric posts, makes your hike even more interesting and educational.

Photo: Anneke Fischle

The Arboretum’s gardens display a wide variety of flowers, shrubs and other plants. Largely native to the San Bernardino Mountains, many of them are identified by easy-to-read signs. The nearby Information Booth offers print and visual aids to help you learn even more!

Expertly guided tours are available on request. They’re intended especially for visiting groups such as schoolchildren, Boy and Girl Scouts, gardening clubs and birdwatchers. For details: info@hparboretum.com.


Through habitat restoration, trail maintenance and other efforts, we’re working to protect and conserve our area’s expanse of the National Forest.

Native Plants

Heaps Peak Arboretum has a diverse collection of mostly native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and other plants. Some of them might do well in your garden. Learn more at the Arboretum!

about us

Rim of the World Interpretive Association

Rim of the World Interpretive Association (ROWIA) is a California nonprofit, public-benefit corporation founded in 1982. In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, we maintain and staff Heaps Peak Arboretum. 

We’re committed to PROTECTING AND CONSERVING our natural resources for future generations to enjoy.