Heaps Peak photo Gallery

Descendants of Mary Putnam Henck
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Mary Putnam Henck was instrumental in planting the Sequoia Grove at Heaps Peak Arboretum

Spring Plant Sale 2023

Local enthusiasts line up early and sell us out every time! Native plants and seeds find great homes all over the local community, and are an important part of restoring our local ecosystem!

June Blooms of 2023

The heavy snows of winter gave way to a vibrant show of flowers in June.


Winter Storms of February and March 2023

The blizzard in February 2023 caused a lot of damage. Wonderful volunteers and Team Rubicon cleared and restored the trails. 

Fall 2022

We got into the spirit of Halloween! And had some memorable “Second Saturdays at the Arboretum!”

Everyone has fun on Second Saturdays At The Arb!
We got into the spirit of Halloween, October 2022

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