The spring and fall plant sales were successful. As usual, we sold out of dogwoods at the Spring plant sale and took orders for more of them.

If you’ve been to the Arboretum lately, you might have noticed the biggest change that we’ve had staffing the information booth six days a week instead of just on weekends. Many thanks to Tim Wilcox for meeting and greeting visitors from Tuesday through Friday. (See Tim’s article for details.)

If you’ve looked at our web site lately, you will notice some changes on our home page. We are now advertising that we are open from dawn until dusk instead of 24/7. (Thanks, Tim, for that idea.) We’ve had lots of daytime visitors this summer and early fall, including a Girl Scout troop from Orange County that were there in June. A new troop from Crestline visited in September and were led on a guided tour by Tim Barany. Gina Richmond led a tour for homeschoolers in early October.

We have had the loop trail at Switzer Park re-paved, which should make it an easier walk.

Thanks to Christine Smiley for giving out information on the Arboretum at the Running Springs Farmer’s Market on a couple of Saturdays this summer. Many thanks, too, to Ken Witte for all his efforts to maintain the trail and take care of all the things that need to be done at the Arboretum. Thank you to Ellie Maitre and Michelle Belangar for all their work to make the garden area look so good.

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