From Highland on Highway 330: Come up the mountain and turn west onto Highway 18 in Running Springs for 4.5 miles and the Arboretum will be on the right side of the highway.

From San Bernardino on Highway 18: Come up the mountain and continue past the Lake Arrowhead turnoff (Highway 173) and Skyforest. Stay on Highway 18 for approximately 2 more miles and it will be on the left side of the highway.

Look for the small Forest Service signs when you’re driving from either direction on Highway 18 that indicate a “Hiking Opportunity 1/4 Mile Ahead” This will be your heads-up to reduce speed and prepare to make your turn into the Arboretum’s Forest Service parking lot.

Arboretum Map


We offer ample parking in Highway 18’s largest and, we like to think, most-welcoming turn-out. 

You’ll need an Adventure Pass or other officially accepted card/pass. Heaps Peak Arboretum and its two trails are free to the public, but the U.S. Forest Service requires that an Adventure Pass be displayed on all vehicles in the parking lot. A daily pass is $5 and an annual pass, $30. They can be purchased at the Arboretum’s Information Booth during business hours or at a number of local outlets, including retail sporting-goods stores.


If our information booth isn’t open, you may purchase an Adventure Pass at:

  • The Forest Service website. (We have a QR Code displayed at the booth.)
  • The 7-11 in Lake Arrowhead, CA 
  • The Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce in Lake Arrowhead Village, Lake Arrowhead, CA
  • Arrowhead Sporting Goods in Lake Arrowhead Village, CA
  • Lake Drive Hardware in Crestline, CA
  • The 7-11 in Crestline, CA
  • Snow Valley Ski Resort in Running Springs, CA
  • Valero in Running Springs, CA
You may also purchase a pass online, but allow for a 2 week delivery time. You can also get the app!

Help fund us!

Buying an adventure pass at the booth supports The Arboretum!