Privacy Policy

Our Online Privacy Policy
Rim of the World Interpretive Association (ROWIA) is committed to protecting
your privacy. This page explains what personal information we gather about
visitors to this website and how that information is used.

Privacy and User Consent
By visiting our website, you are providing consent for us to use anonymous
website traffic to improve our service. Our website uses Google Analytics and
cookies to enhance its effectiveness as a communications resource. For
example, we can see what pages are especially popular to gauge what visitors
want to know more about. 

Information We Collect
ROWIA collects email addresses and other personally identifiable information
from visitors who voluntarily submit information through our online forms. These
forms include those you can fill out on the membership page, donation page,
contact pages and others. Through these forms, we collect relevant personal
information such as email address, name, mailing address, membership level
and donation amount.

Visitors wanting to make an online donation or pay for membership are sent to
PayPal to make their online payments. Prior to payment, this website will only
collect other information pertinent to your membership or donation record via
our online forms, including your name and address plus intended payment
donation amount. Your credit- or debit-card information is not seen, used or
collected by ROWIA. Online payments are processed through PayPal. 
ROWIA also collects anonymous information about its website traffic through
Google Analytics. This information includes number of visits, sources of the
traffic and popularity of specific pages on the website. For more information on
how Google processes and provides these data, please visit:

You can unsubscribe from newsletter emails from us at any time by using the
“unsubscribe” link in the email received.