Ron Esposito has been helping the Arboretum for over 7 years. A graduate from Rim High and a Vietnam veteran who has fought cancer twice and won, he started with repairing fences, and then worked on the switch back that the public was short cutting. He then helped Ellie and Michele pull weeds and Ron cleared the weeds all the way to the west of the bathroom. You will rarely see Ron during the day, but late in the afternoon or even early night you might see the light that he wears on his head working removing rocks in the trail or working on his current project the west Garden. Early this spring he used a wildflower seed mix and some seeds of left over from our plant sale to reseed that garden. As the picture attests, he has done a fine job. We congratulate him on how beautiful it looks. It will take much work since the Wild Rose also likes to drink with the flowers. He says that he loves giving back for the enjoyment the Arboretum has given him and his brother for many years.

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